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Ion Chocolate Wafers (Chocofreta Red)

Ion Chocolate Wafers (Chocofreta Red)

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Founded in 1930, ION is the most established producer of fine chocolate and sweet confections in Greece. ION ChocoFreta are four layers of thin vanilla-flavored waffle cookies with an assortment of different creamy fillings, all enrobed in silky ION chocolate. ION Mini ChocoFreta Bars are the two-bite sized versions of our original ChocoFretas. They are crispy, multi-layered vanilla-flavored wafers joined together with thin layers of rich cocoa cream filling, and coated in silky ION milk chocolate. These milk chocolate lover’s delights are perfect after school and after-meal treats. With 15 individually wrapped ChocoFreta Minis in a bag, they are eminently shareable treats. Bring them to school, work and parties and your friends, co-workers and family will thank you! ION ChocoFreta are also available with luscious White Chocolate, Strawberry, Hazelnut-Chocolate and Semi-Sweet Chocolate fillings. Store in a cool, dry place.
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