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776 Deluxe

776 Deluxe Organic Mint Enveloped (10 Tea Bags)

776 Deluxe Organic Mint Enveloped (10 Tea Bags)

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Strong and refreshing aromatic greek mint, mentha piperita, a legend going back centuries. It rejuvenates and cools the breath and is used against indigestion, nervous disorders, dizziness, insomnia, gastritis, cough, cold, sore throat and as an antispasmodic.

Greek Organic herbs • Caffeine free • 100% natural

  • Moments: It just takes a moment to enjoy an exquisite tisane.
  • Package containing 10 individually wrapped tea bags. Wooden sticks to support brewing in a mug, also included.
  • Ingredients: Mint

Brewing suggestions: Pour freshly boiled water over the teabag. Allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes or longer for a stronger flavor.

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