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A blessed land, Greece is an amalgam of heterogenous terrains and microclimates, embroidered with raging rivers and rugged mountains, forests, lakes and fertile plains, with the longest coastline in Europe, countless beaches and thousands of islands dotting the clear blue seas.

With such varying nature, this gem of a land is able to sustain incredibly diverse flora and fauna and therefore unique raw materials that are used in a masterful way by the local artisans, producing extraordinary foods.

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Driven by the recent shift towards organic, all-natural foods, the ethical issues that arise in terms of sustainable agricultural and aquacultural practices and the prevalence of the Mediterranean diet as a hallmark of health and wellness, we feel like it is our duty to introduce to the world the exquisite flavors of Greece.

To achieve that, we continuously search for and carefully pick all those small-scale, family businesses that produce excellence with a passion for authenticity and help them gain market share value while supplying the world with superior quality and taste.

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“Captain Greek helped my family business grow beyond borders!”

Michalis G.
Chios (GR)

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