Since the age of Homer, Achilles and Odysseus little has changed about the gastronomy of the Greeks. Based upon the triptych Balance-Measure-Variety, the Greek Diet is not just a part of but the epitome of the renowned Mediterranean Diet. Oh my! That was four Greek words* in just one sentence!

Fruit, vegetables, cereal, nuts, milk, cheese, yogurt, fish, poultry, red meat and of course olive oil and red wine, are the fundamental ingredients responsible for the longevity and well-being of those implementing the Greek Diet.

Ranking third in the world in biodiversity, this small country of somewhat 50 thousand square miles is a place of immeasurable natural wealth. Thus, compensating for its size, Greece leads the world market of wild aromatic and medicinal herbs as well as PDO cheeses and dairy products, both displaying top-tier quality standards.

Oregano, mountain tea, Chios mastiha, chamomile, Kozani red saffron, feta, kasseri, manouri and gravieraare amongst the highest in consumer preference just to mention a few.

* 1. based-from Ancient Greek βάσις (básis)
  2. triptych-from Ancient Greek τρίπτυχος (tríptukhos)
  3. diet-from Ancient Greek δίαιτα (díaita)
  4. epitome-from Ancient Greek ἐπιτομή (epitome)
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